Contributi dei nostri ragazzi in DDI: St Patrick's Day

 Remote learning: Let’s celebrate….A LUCKY DAY!


(by Viola Gaule and Marika Sicuro, class 1 yellow)

original drawing made by Marika and Viola

✏🌍WHEN? On 17th March Irish people celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

✏🌍 WHAT? It’s a national holiday in Ireland

✏🌍WHERE? This festival is celebrated not only in Ireland, but also all around the world, more exactly in the U.S.A., Canada. Many years ago Irish people emigrated there and now there are big communities of Irish people.

✏🌍WHO was St Patrick?

St. Patrick is the Patron of Ireland. He was a missionary who lived in the second half of the fifth century and died on 17th March AD; he was born in Roman Britain. When he was sixteen, pirates kidnapped him and sold him as a slave in Ireland. He was there for about six years and in a dream God told him to come back home. He then went to France and studied to be a priest. In another dream, the Irish people asked him to come back, so he returned to Ireland and he helped to convert the Irish people to Christianity. He carried a shamrock with him and he used it to teach people about the Trinity of God.


LEPRECHAUNS: they were small pint-sized men who worked as shoemakers and hid gold coins in pots at the end of rainbows.These tiny creatures were very hard to catch, because they were so small, but if you were able to catch one you had be granted 3 wishes by the leprechaun in exchange for his freedom.

 ✰ GREEN: Everyone wears something green or paints his face because green things makes you invisible to leprechaun that like to pinch anyone they can see. Some people also think wearing this colour will bring good luck.

 ✰PARADES: People march through the city streets in the traditional parades with Irish dancers and musicians. Marching bands from Ireland, Europe and the USA take part in the parade. Unfortunately this year because of the pandemic all events have been celebrated online.

 ✰TRADITIONAL IRISH DISHES: during the St. Patrick’s Day it is traditional  to have lunch with typical dishes like Corned Beef and Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread and Irish Apple Cake.

 ✰FAMOUS IRISH SONGS: Irish songs are ballads, songs, lullabies, often accompanied by a variety of instruments such as whistles, fiddle (violin), banjo, accordion, harp, bodhran. The most famous Irish song is Molly Malone.


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