A letter to my school

Dear school,

You can’t imagine how much I miss you! I miss everything of you: the desks, the teachers, and above all my friends and my classmates. I can't just explain how I feel now, nothing is like it used to be ... the only thing I would like at the moment is to go back to school ... to return to normal: see my classmates again, chat during the lessons (as I always did) ..... laugh as I used to do with my friends.

Dear school, obviously I don't mean that since we haven't seen each other, I stopped laughing ... but I mean that it's not the same thing…

I don't mind making video lessons, but I surely prefer to be at school rather than in front of a screen for hours. At the beginning, taking lessons in front of a computer  was a conquest, a desire, but now that we have to stay there for so long, and see my friends and laugh in front of a screen…... I don't think it's a wish anymore ...

I think the school is not just corridors and blackboards, chairs and desks, stairs and courtyards, lessons and questions: it is a meeting point, and sometimes a clash, between lives, minds, hearts and characters. The school  is a  gym of growth, where everyone in his own way interacts with rules to be respected, expectations to be met, judgments to be confirmed or denied, and obstacles to be overcome.

In  the present,  to reach our  future by learning from the past.

Vanessa Maria Chiaruttini
Classe 1^ verde

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