The rainbow window art 
The idea of the multicoloured rainbows first started in Italy.
During this difficult time of lockdown and self-isolation Italian children have been making their own rainbow banners  to hang out outside that read “#Andrà tutto bene”, which translates into English to “everything is going to be OK/ everything will be alright”.
When you watch the news or read information on social media it’s full of people panicking, worrying and scared. So the idea of doing something like this helps people to get a message of hope and at the same time it’s an engaging creative activity and keeps children busy, too!
From Italy this message of hope has gone viral thanks to social media and has spread all around the world. The rainbow pictures  posted from Italy have inspired many other countries, so now windows across the world have been transformed into multicoloured artwork and colourful canvas to encourage and brighten the people’s mood.
These rainbows add some pops of colours to the homes’s exterior. During the quarantine kids stay stuck at home safely and draw their own rainbow masterpieces and give a positive message (Stay safe, we’ll get through= state al sicuro, ce la faremo).
Despite social distancing measures they are connecting with people thanks to the rainbows and are displaying them in their window for other people to see when walking by. These rainbows help them feel less alone in these dark times.
In the USA there’s also a Google Map dedicated to the idea of a mini rainbow scavenger hunt and try to locate homes. The “chase the rainbow” trend still continues in cities like New York , where Google Map has dedicated to this ideas showing all the participating homes nearby (if it is desired).
It’s a scary unknown time for everybody, but every rainbow reminds us that something beautifulalways comes after a storm!
(Prof. M. Marzarotto)

Have you drawn your own rainbow ? Send us your a picture of your rainbow banner and we'll publish it here! 
Avete disegnato il vostro arcobaleno? caricate in questa cartella Rainbow window una foto del vostro arcobaleno e la pubblicheremo qui!
Social media images of the rainbows are under the hashtags #andràtuttobene (Italian), #everythingwillbealright (English), #stayathome, #arcenciel, #çavabienaller (French), #alleswirdgut (German), #regenbogen (German),  #todoirabien (Spanish).

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